In the course of working towards our mission, talented SEN members have created a number of reports, submissions, presentations and media statements. You can find a selection of these publications in this section, by clicking on the links below. These publications are well worth a read to find out more about SEN and our research into renewable energy technology, implementation and policy.


Retirement of coal fired power stations Submission to the Australian Senate Inquiry


SEN submission to the Renewable Energy Target Review

SEN submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Government's Direct Action Plan

Energy White Paper submission 2014

Submission to WA Fracking Inquiry 

Submission to Emissions Reduction Fund Green Paper

Our latest submission on the WA Electricity Market Reform


A report “100% Renewable Energy on the SWIS” (Part1Part2Part3) with accompanying PowerPoint presentation [4.6 MB], and YouTube video presentation to The Water Corporation of WA’s “Environmental Master Class” in November.  This study determines potential scenarios for WA's South West Interconnected System (SWIS) electricity grid demand to be fully met by a combination of renewable energy generation, efficiency, storage and demand-side management by 2029.  It was commissioned to prior to the 2013 State election by the WA Greens.

SEN submission to the Legislative Council Inquiry into the Implications for Western Australia of Hydraulic Fracturing for Unconventional Gas


SEN_REscenarios_discussionpaper_download.jpgSEN's discussion paper Renewable Energy Scenarios for Western Australia is a comprehensive report outlining the technical considerations, benefits and costs of transitioning to renewable energy, as well as ways of achieving the goal.

SEN Submission to the Strategic Energy Initiative 2030

SEN's feedback and comments on the SEI2030 Forum of April 19, 2010

View submissions made by other organisations to the SEI2030 on the Office of Energy website.


[2.9 MB] SEN Submission to the Senate Inquiry on the Varanus Island Gas Explosion

Supplementary Calculations to SEN's Submission to the Senate Inquiry on the Varanus Island Gas Explosion

View submissions made by other organisations to the Inquiry on the Senate website.