Briefing Notes

In the lead up to the 2017 WA State election, SEN has prepared a series of bite-sized Briefing Notes to explain the specifics of its detailed modelling of the South West Integrated System electricity grid. These Briefing Notes are designed for a non-technical audience, and are suitable for political candidates the media and the interested public.

Briefing Notes: 2017

BN-EconomicsThumbnail  Renewable Electricity in WA: the Economic Argument 


BN-JobsThumbnail  Renewable Electricity in WA: A Jobs Revolution 


BN-GovtThumbnail.png  Renewable Electricity in WA: The Role of Government


Press Releases: 2017

Opinion piece submitted to the West Australian (28 February, 2017) - Ben Rose

Press release submitted to the Wanneroo/Joondalup Times (1 March, 2017) - Rob Phillips


Background Papers: 2017

Background paper about Energy Security in WA.