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You can find all our events below. Our premier event is SEN Presents. SEN Presents is a great way to stay up to date on renewables, learn many facets of the movement. What's more, it has great speakers and topics and occurs every 6 weeks at North Metropolitan TAFE, 140 Royal Street, East Perth, WA.

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  • Monday, December 02, 2019 at 05:30 PM · 42 rsvps
    North Metro TAFE, East Perth Campus in East Perth, Australia

    SEN Presents December 2 2019

    Geothermal Energy in Australia

    What are the potential applications of geothermal energy for heating and cooling? Is geothermal heating of water already competitive against gas? Can geothermal electricity generation provide baseload power and match demand? Who is using it and where? What’s in store for the Australian geothermal industry?

    Mark Ballesteros and Martin Pujol are well placed to explore these questions, having worked extensively in the geothermal and groundwater industries, and having taken on the role of geothermal educators for a variety of audiences. Both Mark and Martin are Directors of the Australian Geothermal Association.

    In this presentation Mark will outline the key benefits and challenges of geothermal electricity generation, explain a bit about the history of geothermal exploration in Australia and discuss how geothermally generated electricity could fit into the Australian energy mix –noting that ARENA reported that geothermal electricity can provide one of the lowest Levelised Costs of Energy in the right circumstances.

    Martin will outline the geothermal resources that exist in Australia and the role that direct utilisation of geothermal energy and Ground Source Heat Pumps can play for Australia’s energy future. The presentation will include an overview of the Perth’s geothermal projects (including pool heating).

    Please join us for the final event for this year.  

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