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  • Monday, May 04, 2020 at 06:00 PM · 68 rsvps
    North Metro TAFE, in East Perth, Australia

    EVENT POSTPONED until further notice


    Are Air Conditioners Really Heating the Planet?

    Recent media coverage has raised concerns about the effects of air conditioning on our global climate. 

    Air conditioners:

    - contain refrigerant gases that have thousands of times more global warming potential than CO2.

    - they leak, sometimes through the life of the air conditioner, otherwise when it is scrapped.

    - today’s air conditioners require huge amounts of energy, 

    - waste heat from air conditioners already contributes to “urban heat islands”. Cities can be up to 9°C hotter than the surrounding countryside, so air conditioners use even more energy, adding to the heat.

    IPCC and other forecasts estimate that air conditioning alone will contribute about half a degree of additional global warming by 2100 unless we all start making changes now.

    So, what are the alternatives?  What changes can we make, as individuals? Given that summers are getting hotter, how can we have reasonable comfort while reducing our greenhouse emissions?

    We now have most of the technologies that could make this possible in our lifetimes. Changes are coming and you can play a part in making them happen sooner.  Hear Emeritus Professor James Trevelyan, University of Western Australia Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences talk about his experiences in making these changes possible, a story that started with his addiction to Pakistan mangoes.