SEN Committee

Meet our current committee:


Ian Porter (Chair)

Ian has broad 45 years of experience in the oil, gas, nuclear and conventional power industries in roles ranging from R&D, project management, business development and over the last 20 years has concentrated on energy technology commercialisation with all of his current activities focused on renewable energy.  He has strong belief and confidence that Australia can play a major role in the future renewables economy and is deeply committed to ensuring that happens.


     Adam Gangemi (Vice Chair; Outreach Co-convenor)

BSc (Hons - Geophysics); MBA; GAICD
Adam has worked in the Energy sector for over 12 years and is passionate about providing sustainable solutions to his clients. He currently owns a company focusing on energy efficiency and sustainable power generation by removing diesel fuel consumption at remote locations.
Adam helps coordinate the Outreach team (with Rob Phillips) and the Membership team, with a focus on promoting SEN and attracting younger members.


Louise Tomlin (Secretary)

(B.EnvSc, M.OHS)

Louise is a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Advisor with experience in the Australia’s greenhouse gas and pollution reporting schemes, Corporate Social Reporting and Environmental Sustainability Goals. She has worked onsite and corporate as HSE Advisor for various industries including energy (fossil fuel and renewable) and mining for 10 years. She is active in driving healthy, safe and sustainable practices for businesses through HSE Committee Meetings and management processes. Earlier, she was a committee member of an environmental consultant’s association organising networking events and mentoring partnerships for young members. Louise is currently the secretary for SEN.


Mike Allen (Treasurer)


Mike has worked for 35 years as a Chartered Accountant and professional CFO. He is an expert in economic evaluation and has been a leader in project development teams for projects up to USD300m and worked in 11 countries. 

Mike has been a SEN Committee member and Policy committee contributor since 2017. He was elected as Treasurer in 2019.


Margo Keating (Events Coordinator)

Diploma in Dental Therapy; GradDip (Nutrition Education)

Margo has worked in vocational education research and in the public health sector. She managed research in WA’s largest TAFE, including student and staff satisfaction surveys and identifying labour market trends. More recently, she moved into industry specific research for an industry training fund was Construction Manager for Corrective Services, setting up live construction and maintenance projects for prisoners to gain skills and qualifications to enhance employment prospects.

Margo was initially elected as Secretary to the SEN Committee and since 2017 has been the SEN Events Coordinator.


      Alastair Leith (Outreach Co-convenor)

Alastair brings to SEN a background in architecture/design, graphic design, film and motion graphics that is coupled with his strong technical literacy in climate science and renewable technologies. He has been a consultant for Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE), Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA), Australian Climate and Forest Alliance (ACFA), and volunteered with other climate and environmental organisations.

Alastair provided the publication design, layout, infographics, and illustrations and graphs for SEN’s Kimberley Clean Energy Roadmap (2018). He has represented SEN in briefings to government, initiated and conducted jobs modelling/analysis, coordinated outreach efforts. He currently supervises SEN’s social media presence.


      Melanie Sinclair-Heddle

BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing; double BA (Politics and International Studies, and Security, Terrorism, and Counter-Terrorism); Post-Grad. Cert. Business Administration; Master of International Affairs

Melanie worked in healthcare for almost 17 years, with 12 of those spent as a registered nurse in trauma and critical care specialties. She first became interested in the energy field while doing her master’s thesis which focussed on China’s nuclear energy expansion policies and global uranium resources. Melanie is currently doing her PhD at Murdoch University in the fields of political economy and public policy and researches the political and policy decision-making processes involved in Australian federal climate change and energy policy.



David Martin

David is an energy system professional with 20 years’ experience in successful leadership, development, operation and financial management of energy utilities, energy services companies and leading-edge energy technology companies in regulated and unregulated energy markets.

David was a co-founder and managing director of WA energy technology company, Power Ledger, leading the organisation as it created an international market-leading energy and renewable energy certificate trading platform and deployed the technology in multiple international jurisdictions.

Prior to Power Ledger, David had executive roles with energy market specialists, Future Effect and state utilities Horizon Power and Western Power.

David is currently CEO of renewable energy project developers BSC Solar.


Chris Wallace

Chris has been in the energy and utilities industry for over 15 years.  Chris has experience working across both the east and west coast markets in roles covering business development, wholesale trading, sales management and renewable energy.  Chris has a strong belief in the future of a more dynamic energy sector enabled by technology, to deliver sustainable solutions for our community.  Chris has more recently focussed on opportunities that can help deliver on his belief and take a leadership role in taking action to achieve the goal.