SEN Committee

Meet our current committee:


Ian Porter (Chair)

Ian has broad 45 years of experience in the oil, gas, nuclear and conventional power industries in roles ranging from R&D, project management, business development and over the last 20 years has concentrated on energy technology commercialisation with all of his current activities focused on renewable energy.  He has strong belief and confidence that Australia can play a major role in the future renewables economy and is deeply committed to ensuring that happens.


     Alastair Leith (Vice Chair; Outreach Co-convenor)

Alastair brings to SEN a background in architecture/design, graphic design, film and motion graphics that is coupled with his strong technical literacy in climate science and renewable technologies. He has been a consultant for Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE), Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA), Australian Climate and Forest Alliance (ACFA), and volunteered with other climate and environmental organisations.

Alastair was lead author of the SEN Jobs Report 2020, which provided industry leading research and analysis of the employment potentials associated with a transition to 90% RE by 2030 on the SWIS grid in WA.  

Alastair provided the publication design, layout, infographics, and illustrations and graphs for SEN’s Kimberley Clean Energy Roadmap (2018). He has represented SEN in briefings to government, initiated and conducted jobs modelling/analysis, coordinated outreach efforts. He currently is Convenor of SEN’s Outreach team and social media presence.


Louise Tomlin (Secretary)

(B.EnvSc, M.OHS)

Louise is a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Advisor with experience in the Australia’s greenhouse gas and pollution reporting schemes, Corporate Social Reporting and Environmental Sustainability Goals. She has worked onsite and corporate as HSE Advisor for various industries including energy (fossil fuel and renewable) and mining for 10 years. She is active in driving healthy, safe and sustainable practices for businesses through HSE Committee Meetings and management processes. Earlier, she was a committee member of an environmental consultant’s association organising networking events and mentoring partnerships for young members. Louise is currently the secretary for SEN.


Fraser Maywood (Treasurer)

Fraser has 40 years of international experience in the oil & gas, mining and power sectors. Roles including engineering, project management, business management and management consulting.

He is passionate about climate change and the energy transition.

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Margo Keating (Events Coordinator)

Diploma in Dental Therapy; GradDip (Nutrition Education)

Margo has worked in vocational education research and in the public health sector. She managed research in WA’s largest TAFE, including student and staff satisfaction surveys and identifying labour market trends. More recently, she moved into industry specific research for an industry training fund was Construction Manager for Corrective Services, setting up live construction and maintenance projects for prisoners to gain skills and qualifications to enhance employment prospects.

Margo was initially elected as Secretary to the SEN Committee and since 2017 has been the SEN Events Coordinator.

Rob Stewart

Rob has over 50 years of experience in the Australian power industry. He is a senior member of IEEE and a Fellow of AIE.

With Western Power until 2005, he had responsibility for the planning and development of generation and transmission systems throughout the state of Western Australia. Later in his career with Western Power he moved to the area of network access development. This involved the development of Western Australia’s early electricity trading arrangements and the technical rules and commercial conditions for third party access to networks.

He has presented papers to Australian and international technical forums on subjects ranging from power system planning and dynamic analysis to electricity trading. After retiring from Western Power, he has continued to work in a consulting capacity in the analysis of industrial and utility power systems.


Amanda Berry

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Joyce Erceg

Joyce is a former teacher and co-owner of a small business. Now she is the WA Regional Co-coordinator for Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia.

She believes that engaging with democracy is the best way to help create meaningful systemic change in order to maximise progress towards a low carbon economy.

She has volunteered on a Local Government Divestment Campaign in WA which helped to send a signal to banks and the broader community that social and environmental aspects need to be factored in to our decision making.

Joyce advocates for the legislation of a carbon price as a means to incentivise greater ambition in the renewable energy space, thus enabling all sectors to decarbonise more quickly.

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Brian Van Bueren

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