Meet our current committee:



Ian Porter: Chair

Ian has broad 45 years of experience in the oil, gas, nuclear and conventional power industries in roles ranging from R&D, project management, business development and over the last 20 years has concentrated on energy technology commercialisation with all of his current activities focused on renewable energy.  He has strong belief and confidence that Australia can play a major role in the future renewables economy and is deeply committed to ensuring that happens.


Adam Gangemi: Secretary

details to follow


Rob Meecham : Vice Chair

Rob is a retired state public servant with a history in the union movement. He is focused on promoting action to deal with the causes of climate change including extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it where it can no longer affect the environment

                        Bruce Armstrong: Treasurer

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Margo Keating: Events Coordinator

Margo has a varied history with work in public health, vocational education research, particularly in the construction industry and construction project management in corrections. She now focuses her energies on working towards a better environment through SEN.



Len Bunn

Len has over 30 years’ experience as a control-systems engineer. He left the oil and gas industry in 2014 to promote sustainability and to advocate for the transition to renewable energy. Len co-founded and was director of the Plexal Group international engineering services consultancy from 2002 to 2013 and has specific skills and understanding spanning R&D though to detailed engineering, project management, business development and business analysis. Len is passionate about expediting a well-planned transition to a renewables-based economy in Australia and globally.


Rob Phillips: Outreach Team Leader

Dr Rob Phillips is a retired academic with a background in Chemistry, Computer Science and Educational Technology. Later in his career, he contributed to university governance, and played leadership roles in policy development around educational and educational technology initiatives. He brings strong written communication skills to SEN.

He has a long-term interest in environmental sustainability and a long history of contributing to the broader community, having led a national professional association, been president of the Swiss Club of WA, and established a successful acoustic music festival. He is currently on the Committee of Management of the Wilderness Society (WA), and is a member of the  Helena Aurora Range Advocates, Birdlife Australia, and, of course, Sustainable Energy Now.

Alastair Leith:  Outreach Organiser

Alastair has been involved in campaigning around climate change issues for many years using his skills in graphic design, radio and video production and communications with Beyond Zero Emissions and Yes2Renewables. He brings this commitment to addressing the impending dangers of catastrophic climate change, and it's urgency to his work with SEN. Alastair has a well developed understanding the technical side of renewable energy and the complexity of energy and climate change policy matters. He has a knack for putting words and images together to tell complex stories in simple and elegant ways.

Mike Allen

Mike is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.  He qualified with Arthur Andersen in Perth and has subsequently worked in senior management in 11 countries around the world including the UK, Canada, the UAE and Scandinavian and African countries.  Michael is an experienced CFO of stock exchange listed companies. He has raised $175m for various companies and managed substantial bank loans.

Mike has worked in audit, privatisations and extensively in the mining industry. He had a key role in the negotiation and drafting of new mining law with the Government and World Bank in Tanzania which transformed that industry and served on and helped transform their Chamber of Mines.

He is an expert in project management and project economics and dedicated to sustainability. After living in the UAE where the transition to RE is proceeding at a pace, Mike now has a number of roles involving RE.

Ivan Quail

Ivan is leading a group to look at energy efficiency issues relating to energy demand, with particular interest in the built environment.