Dr Lex Fullerton, Tax and the Electric Car, 27 July 2020

Dr Lex Fullarton is well credentialed in taxation law, and considers what is likely to happen to future motor vehicle fuel excises with an increase in the number of electric vehicles on Australia roads, the impact of rising self-generated electricity from renewable energy sources, and how that energy might be used to power electric vehicles in the future. He refers to his own case study of a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) owned by the solar farm project, where he found that unless motor vehicles are charged from independent electricity sources, such as dispersed, embedded solar pv installations, little is saved in the way of greenhouse gas emissions. The case study demonstrates the 'triple bottom line' of economic, social and environmentally sustainable industry.

Dr Fullarton is also designer and builder of WA's first privately owned, commercial solar farm, the Solex Carnarvon Solar Farm. That project has an integrated ice-works to demonstrate how solar energy can be applied in industry. Its purpose is to demonstrate the commercial application and viability of solar energy harvesting in a practical commercial and industrial setting. Situated on the edge of a rural/urban area it produces a commercial product without and negative impact to the environment in any way whatsoever. Lex has championed the cause of renewable energy ever since.

Please log in online to the Live Event page at 6pm 27 July to watch Dr Fullarton's presentation, and then a live streaming of a Q & A session with Ian Porter, Chair of SEN.

Dr Lex Fullarton is an Adjunct Profess or at Curtin Law School and has a PhD in Taxation Law (UNSW), M Com (Curtin), FIPA, FFA, CTA, MAICD, AREI