Western Australian Energy Transformation Strategy

SEN welcomes the Western Australian government’s statement on the creation of a state energy transformation strategy.

Energy Minister Bill Johnston announced the Strategy on Wednesday 6 March 2019.

The strategy consists of two components:

SEN believes the Strategy has the potential to deliver cleaner, affordable and more reliable energy to households and businesses, but the contents of the plans will reveal how quickly these benefits can be obtained.

SEN has been lobbying the Government to undertake such planning for more than a year, and is gratified to see the government’s response. It is long overdue, coming ten years after the previous attempt at long-term energy planning.

The complete suite of reforms and planning being undertaken by the government should result in the best energy system the state can aspire to. However, the devil will be in the detail.

SEN intends to accept the offer made to the public by the government for interested parties to participate in the development of the Plan and the Roadmap. SEN’s wealth of experience and existing modelling would be of assistance to Western Power and the AEMO as the plans are developed, and SEN stands ready to assist.

SEN is confident the planning will show that Western Australia can have an energy system that is 85% supplied by renewable energy by 2030 for no more than the current cost of electricity to consumers, and likely a lot less.

SEN will provide updates on this website as the Strategy is developed.

Authorised Ian Porter, Chair SEN