Garry Baverstock : Architecture, Solar Design and Climate Change

Architecture Maximizing Solar Design:

Big Picture Implications for Addressing Climate Change

A long time advocate for progressing sustainable practices within the building industry and beyond, Garry presented an insight into his journey advocating for change in land development, building design, retrofit and embedding innovation into practice.  

Despite a myriad of initiatives in design support, changes in energy efficiency compliance in development and building licenses as well as exhaustive public education programs going for over 50 years now, to date, little has been achieved.

Despite the general inertia in the industry, Garry put forward a plan, with an edge of urgency, calling for a total systems change of thinking to maximize the potential for Green House Gas savings in this sector with far more targeted scientific and innovative strategies to deliver the needed outcomes. 

Garry Baverstock was awarded the Order of Australia in 2006 for his ground breaking work in eco architecture and in recognition of his significant contribution to Australian society. 

Further information can be found via Garry's website