In Conversation with Jay Weatherill

23 March 2019

Jay Weatherill, ex premier of South Australia joined Sustainable Energy Now, BDO and Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) for a discussion around energy transition, the role of government, challenges WA faces and the deal with Tesla. 

Jay provided some interesting insights to the series of circumstances that led to the lights going out in South Australia,  and gave a candid account of the "story" that was told in the media. He reflected that the move to renewable energy is inexorable and unstoppable, and being driven outside government by entities such as industry super funds. 

Jay pointed out that there are some advantages to the transition process in Western Australia, such as the fact that WA has ownership of some of the critical generation assets and the network, and that this state has a gas reservation policy. He also flagged some possibilities for the WA market, going forward. 

There was much to take away from the conversation.

Jay's presentation:


the QandA that followed: