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I wish to apply to become a Member of the above Association. If my application is accepted by the committee, I agree to be bound by the Constitution of the Association. (Also use this page for renewal.)

Please select from the following membership types:
Membership for Waged person is $40 per year.
Membership for an UnWaged person is $20 per year. (Go to this page.)

By becoming a Sustainable Energy Now, Inc (SEN) member you will be part of a community voice in support of a sustainable global future.

Other benefits include:

  • SEN Membership voting rights
  • Ability to join the SEN committee
  • Opportunity to contribute to our Marketing/Admin, Technical/Economics and Fundraising teams
  • Opportunity to contribute authorship to our submissions to government, discussion papers and policy of the association
  • Networking opportunities for the community, energy professionals and politicians


Who's donating

Len Bunn
John Wood
Clive Brown
Humphrey Boogaerdt
Klaus Backheuer
Francess Day
Kate Boland
Simon Dawkins
Brian van Bueren
Furat Dawood
Joyce Erceg
Rob Phillips
Mark Ballesteros
Adam Gangemi
David Martin
Luke Velterop
Angus King
Corey Beat
Clive Brown
venkata adi sankar kota
Len Bunn
Fraser Maywood
Kate Boland
Sean Huggins
Rob Marshall
Benjamin McKinley
Ro Richardson
Galen Townson
stuart elliott
Humphrey Boogaerdt
Who's donating: from Kalamunda, Australia donated. Thank you!