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Welcome to SEN's renewable energy modelling - SIREN (SEN Integrated Renewable Energy Network Toolkit simulation. Beta Version).

The world’s renewable energy resources could provide many times the amount of fossil-fuelled energy currently used. SEN's computer simulation models an electricity network and allows you to create, cost and evaluate scenarios for supplying electricity using a mixture of renewable energy sources.

By placing virtual renewable energy plants around the area of interest, you will be able to determine the optimal locations to access renewable energy sources, minimise grid connection costs and meet the varying demand on the grid, while achieving the best in terms of efficiency, cost effectiveness and energy security.


SIREN uses the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s “System Advisor Model (SAM) for energy calculations. SAM is provided by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

SIREN allows the user to build scenarios for the energy mix for your area of interest. It is based around the map of your chosen area and allows you to visualise the layout of the existing electricity network plus the additional stations you place on the map to build your scenario(s). Note: The beta version of SIREN has maps and data for the SWIS electricity grid only. To model other area, users will need to obtain the relevant data some of which may be free, such as NASA MERRA weather data and electricity network information. Other data may have a cost..

The strength of the simulation is in running the SAM Power Models. This will run the appropriate SAM models for each station you have chosen or for all renewable stations in your current simulation. SAM calculates a list of power outputs for each hour of the year (8,760 points). One of the outputs will produce a table of energy shortfalls, which can be loaded into the Powerbalance component of the SIREN Toolkit to quantify and cost dispatchable energy generation, storage and CO2 emissions. This enables you to complete a costed renewable energy scenario.


SEN is eager for this plan to be considered and evaluated. If you have questions or comments please email [email protected].

Together we can bring so much more sustainable energy into our power.


Commercial users are encouraged to donate to SEN which enabled this modelling. SIREN Team members volunteered many hours of their time and expertise to develop this powerful and adaptable modelling package. A contribution will help greatly, thanks.

Users wanting assistance in the use or specific application of SIREN Toolbox can contact Angus King [email protected].

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  • SIREN uses System Advisor Model (SAM) modules for energy calculations. SAM is provided by NREL of the United States Department of Energy

  • SIREN may use weather data obtained from MERRA data, a NASA atmospheric data set.

  • SIREN may use a map derived from OpenStreetMap (MapQuest) Open Aerial Tiles.