Reflections on the Road ahead for the SWIS

Greg Ruthven, Associate Director at Rennie Advisory, provided an overview of the drivers and trends influencing Western Australia's South West Interconnected System (SWIS) energy transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. 

WA has seen strong renewable growth over the last few years (especially rooftop solar), however coal and gas still dominate the generation mix.  Residential PV is forecast to more than double in the next 10 years, however more battery storage is required to manage that uptake. 

Whilst the WA Government is taking steps to set the energy-intensive sectors on a pathway to net zero emissions there is much work to do. Key investment is in transmission to allow more renewables into the SWIS - especially much needed wind (onshore or offshore).

Global resource companies are showing greater decarbonisation ambition by setting their own NZE targets - many are looking to electrification which will significantly increase the demand on the SWIS. Existing and new investors repeatedly cite concerns around policy uncertainty, network connection and access. Improving the transmission investment and connection frameworks will be paramount to achieving the energy transition

Please find a link to the overview presentation by Greg Ruthven here.

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