Beta Launch of SIREN Toolkit - March 2016

SEN Presents 2 March 2016: Beta Launch of SIREN Toolkit

Siren-PowerBalance_Ben-_40.JPGAngus King, Ben Rose and Steve Gates presented the modelling procedure for evaluation of renewable energy options for WA’s SWIS electricity grid to a specifically invited audience of specialists and others with likely direct interests. The SIREN model permits quantification of wind and solar resources for any location using freely available global databases. This information is fed into an Excel-based Powerbalance sheet which can evaluate renewable and non-renewable options for electricity generation feeding into a grid. Options can be costed and relative carbon emissions calculated. For SWIS, a system using 85% renewable energy (a combination of wind, solar PV, ‘behind the meter’ batteries and open cycle gas turbines) would produce electricity slightly cheaper than using the current non-sustainable coal and gas resources.

After presentations a workshop allowing participants to themselves explore the toolkit was held and feedback to improve the procedure solicited. After incorporation of suggested improvements a public release of the SIREN Toolkit will be held later this year.