SEN Presents - February 2015 - A New Years REsolution!

Your best New Year REsolution yet….. being a clean energy champion in 2015!

The world is changing, and 2015 could be our year!  The largest of the polluting countries (China, USA) are finally starting to take climate change seriously; a positive new direction, given later this year the globe’s leaders will gather in Paris to hopefully agree to a serious emissions reduction drive.

In Australia, a big change to the RET is in the wind (boom boom) and it is now or never for the fight for renewables.  Fracking, coal and uranium are all starting to unravel overseas and it is time to finish those industries for good and get sustainable energy now!

Our first SEN Presents for 2015 takes a look into what other “clean energy champions” are doing and how our partnerships will wage war on dirty industries in this critical year.

      No Fracking WAy

      CCWA Coal Campaign Australia

      CCWA Uranium-Free Campaign

      Australian Youth Climate Coalition