SEN Presents - June 2017 - the rise and rise of battery storage

Senec Australia's MD, Ian Parkinson, has a long-term vision that sees households, businesses and whole communities empowered to take back energy control from the corporate petrochem companies.  Ian is determined to make Senec a key part of the energy market in Australia and New Zealand.

In his presentation, Ian said that most homes won't be able to get completely off the grid mostly due to our excessively high consumption of power.  A 10kw battery system is around $16,500 installed and prices are unlikely to come down any time soon because demand outstrips supply.  This is not only because of the demand from the housing industry but extremely high demand from the world-wide auto industry.  An example is that Norway will soon be a 100% electric vehicle country. 

Ian also brought an actual battery for us to view. Even though the price is currently high, demand is strong.