SEN Presents - March 2015 - Can EV's save the grid?

Can electrical vehicles save the existing electricity grid from obsolescence / death spiral?   

As electric vehicle sales continue to increase, how will our south-west grid cope with the increased demand?  At our March SEN Presents, experts in the field will discuss how high electric vehicle uptake could actually be a real asset for our grid.   

Professor Bill Grace is Adjunct Professor from the Australian Urban Design Research Centre, UWA. He will present the findings of his report "Solar strategy needed to avoid electricity death spiral". 

SENPresents_March2015_med.jpgDr Christopher Jones is Vice President of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association. Chris will share what is happening with electrical vehicles in WA and present the latest information from high uptake countries like Norway and Pacific North America. He will also discuss how electric vehicles affect the local grid. 

And a presentation about the exciting RAC electric recharge stations coming to the South West. 

Here are the presentations graciously lent to our readers ...