SEN Presents - May 2015 - Food for thought…. food for energy?

Our ECO MAY SEN Presents showcased how waste food and liquid waste can be diverted from landfill to make clean, renewable energy.


Founded in 1916, Richgro is a family-run WA-based national business that manufactures premium garden products. It is currently run by 3rd generation Geoff Richards. Geoff will talk about how the company became involved with waste-to-energy and is now poised to divert a variety of food waste from local supermarkets and liquid waste from breweries, soft-drink and milk companies.

Biogass Renewables was commissioned to work in partnership with Richgro for the design, commission and delivery of the food waste-to-energy anaerobic digestion. Joseph Oliver is the Engineer in charge and he will talk about the technical aspects of the system, which is capable of diverting 35,000 – 50,000 tonnes/annum of food waste for heat and power generation to the grid and to off-set Richgro’s power demand.

Here are the presentations graciously lent to our readers for perusal: