SEN Presents - October 2016 - Bombora Wave Power; SIREN model and AGM

BomboraWavepower-CEO-150px.jpgNew Wave Power. At our October presentation Shawn Ryan co-inventor and Executive Director of Bombora Wave Power, described an interesting and novel invention that uses a bank of flexible cells or bags to turn differential wave pressures into large air flows. The air flow is pushed through an air turbine which converts the energy into electrical power. This all occurs close to shore on the seabed. Shawn, also described the next stage of development as a small scale prototype (~ 1.5 MW). It is being developed locally in Perth and has global potential and global interest. 

SENPresents_Oct2015-320W.jpgSIREN model: Angus King gave us an introduction to the powerful SEN developed tool. SIREN is a modelling tool or simulator that can forecast the effectiveness, cost, production shortfalls or excess relative to grid demand, and applicability of renewable energy scenarios within the grid. It provides outputs at the hourly intervals or averages over longer time periods for up to one year at a time. It has a great potential to test the 'fit' of renewable farms; answer the concerns of fluctuating generation; and provides a credible basis by which to lobby for scenarios like 100% RE by 2030. The tool's outputs have been verified to correlate well with 2014 generation data. Further refinements and validation are in progress from Angus and the Tech Team with a probable public release in the coming months. Something to follow or get involved in.

A new committee has been elected - enabling a bright and exciting future for SEN. Welcome and support our new committee.