SEN Presents - September 2016 - SEN AGM and Professor Ray Wills

SEN AGM and Presentation by Professor Ray Wills was held on Monday 12 September 2016

Professor Ray Wills gave us an amazing preview into the adoption of smarter technologies  ̶  including cleantech, automation, robotics and 3D printing  ̶  in homes, businesses and industry in every city, and connected through social media and smart devices including wearables, is changing the world and the way we interact with family, friends and customers, and much faster than (almost) anyone imagined.

He showed us how quickly will we respond, and change how we live and work in the cities we live in and what this means for future business growth and rapidly changing community expectations.  Our renewed, smart cities will be looking amazing by 2040! We hope to have a link to his presentation soon.  To see Professor Wills'presentation: click here