SEN Presents – September 2017 – Numen Energy Enlightenment

Russell Wilson, Director Catalyst and, Co-Founder and Director of Ecocentric Energy.

Ecocentric have partnered with CSIRO and developed Numen, which is a Latin word for the spirit, or energy that lives in a place or object.

High Quality Energy Data, is proving to be of increasing value to everyone. Using a combination of cutting-edge hardware, data smarts, and beautiful user-centric interfaces, Numen is helping businesses understand where their energy is being used, conserved and wasted. Numen learns the energy usage patterns of a business, to predict faults for pre-emptive maintenance and efficiency. The entire equipment portfolio is connected with other data sets, like weather and Building Management Systems.

With Numen it is possible to see  energy usage at the building level, or drill right down for detailed data and insights into the operation of each and every business device in real-time, anywhere in the world. Numen’s detailed energy data highlights inefficiencies and helps streamline business to save money and ultimately reduce  carbon footprint.