Welcome to SEN’s renewable energy conceptual simulation of Western Australia’s South-West Interconnected System (SWIS). WA’s renewable energy resources could provide many times the amount of fossil-fuelled energy currently used in the state. SEN’s computer simulation models the SWIS and allows you to create, cost and evaluate scenarios for supplying our electricity using a mixture of renewable energy sources.

By placing virtual renewable energy plants around WA, you will be able to determine the optimal locations to access renewable energy sources, minimise grid connection costs and meet the varying demand on the SWIS, while achieving the best efficiency, cost effectiveness, energy security, job creation and carbon reduction for Southern WA.

The interface to the simulation is a little complicated so we have developed a user guide to help you. Scroll down to view the user guide below. (We are currently developing an interactive user guide, which will be available shortly.) Once you have read the user guide, click on the Conceptual Simulation button below to launch the simulation.


Please Note: We recommend that you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari web browser to run the simulation to ensure it operates reasonably quickly.

Please find SEN's Conceptual Simulation User Guide here