Our state is well endowed with sources of sustainable energy...

WA's renewable energy resources could provide many times the amount of fossil-fuelled power currently used in the state. Click on the renewable energy buttons to the left or the links on the orange menu bar to find out more about the various different types of renewable energy sources available in WA and the technologies that have been developed to harness them for electricity production.

It is often claimed that renewable energy takes up too much space. The diagram below illustrates the amount of surface area needed to meet the annual and peak electrical energy demand of WA’s electricity grid, the South West Interconnected System (SWIS). The energy used on the SWIS grid could be met by any one of the following renewable energies:

  • Solar thermal farm: 15 km x 15 km
  • Solar PV farm: 21 km x 21 km
  • Wind farm: 50 km x 50 km (dual purpose land)
  • Wave farm: 4.5 km x 4.5 km (underwater)
  • Geothermal: 20 km x 20 km (x 1 km thick granite underground)

(Choose a link above to find out more about the potential of each and its use in WA.)

Please note: The diagram below is for illustration purposes only. A mixture of energy sources is necessary to ensure a reliable and secure energy supply.


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