How to Navigate the Big Switch

In a Special Joint Presentation with

East Fremantle Climate Action Reference Group 

and Sustainable Energy Now

Electrify Everything - Navigating the Big Switch Event


With a recorded welcome by Dr Saul Griffith the scene was set for Fraser Maywood to present a convincing argument for making the switch to an all electric home.  Starting with the alarming statistic that Australia's 10 million households are responsible for 42% of Australia's national emissions, the audience heard that individual households can have a significant impact by transitioning away from fossil fuels to cleaner, cheaper renewable energy and reduce their energy use by a whopping 63%.

Inspired by inventor and entrepreneur, Dr Saul Griffith, and his recent book ‘The Big Switch’, the audience of around 100 was presented with an overview of the how and why of transitioning to an all electric home. Following the overview the audience heard from actual case studies - one from a local resident who retrofitted an old home to all electric and another who was undertaking a new build with all electric inclusions. There was strong interest in questions to the panel from the engaged audience after. 

Please find a link to the overview presentation by Fraser Maywood here.