wave_LindaAkahodag.jpgWave-generated electricity is produced from the energy contained in ocean waves, which can be used to pump water and drive an electrical generator.

The World Energy Council has estimated that approximately 2 terawatts, about double current world electricity production, could be produced from the oceans via wave power.

CETO technology developed by Carnegie Wave Energy Ltd in Fremantle uses sub-surface buoys that move in the swell, causing pistons below the buoys, anchored to the seabed, to pump seawater at high pressure to shore. This water can turn a generator to create electricity, or pass through a desalination membrane to create fresh water, or any desired combination of these.

Carnegie Wave Energy estimates that there is enough wave energy along WA’s coastline between Geraldton and Bremer Bay, to provide baseload electricity more than five times the SWIS peak demand. [1]


1. Carnegie Wave Energy website


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