What role will Hydrogen play in a deep carbonised future

We had a full night of activity with the Hon Alannah MacTiernan MLC, Minister for Regional Development; Agriculture and Food; Hydrogen Industry opening the discussion.  She stated that she is aware of the opportunities and the need to act now and she is most supportive of green hydrogen with other forms to be used as part of a transition to renewable forms of energy.

Next, one of Australia’s most knowledgeable experts in the field of Hydrogen research, Professor Craig Buckley provided an overview of state of the art hydrogen storage options and discussed the many options with comparisons of the pathways.  He described research currently being conducted by Curtin University in metal hydride technology using Sodium Borohydride as a storage media.

This was followed by an industry expert, Kent Ramsey, of 9 Tech Solutions with a presentation summarised as Hype - Hope - Nope. He provided very useful real world scenarios and actuals on barriers such high costs, inefficiencies in production, transport challenges. For example he said that it would take as many as 14 trucks to deliver the same energy to a truck as a tank of diesel. He noted that it is important to invest in the appropriate projects. 

Dr Benjamin Kaebe, Director Space Industries has worked at FMG’s hydrogen project then joined the panel with the previous 2 speakers.  

The event was filmed and once the video is edited, it will be posted here. 

Copy of Kent Ramsey slideshow. Hype/Hope/Nope

Copy of slideshow by Prof Buckley 50 Shades Hydrogen