Wind Farms of WA

Read on to find out about the exciting and large wind farms running in WA.

[Here we tell you more about the wind farms and give a couple of pics]

By rotating turbine blades that drive an electrical generator, wind produces up to 40 % of electricity in several countries linked to large grids and a similar share in several WA towns on the fringes of, or off, the grid. The UK plans to install 30,000 MW of offshore wind farms by 2020, equivalent to seven times peak demand on the SWIS.

There are about 500,000 sq km in WA’s South-West that have average wind speeds above six metres per second at a height of 60 metres. Just 3,000 sq km (55 km x 55 km) in this area would provide the equivalent energy of the SWIS at its peak demand, continuously.


"The total theoretical potential for onshore wind power for the world is around 55 TW with a practical potential of at least 2 TW (2004), which is about 40% of the entire present (2013) worldwide generating capacity. The offshore wind energy capacity is even greater." [1]

1. Blakers, A.W. "Solar and Wind Electricity in Australia". Australian Journal of Environmental Management. 7, 2000, 223-236.