SEN promotes practical, affordable strategies for a sustainable global future by the adoption of renewable energy. SEN is a dynamic and independent WA association.


SEN Response to South Australian Power Network Outage

The recent highly publicised extreme weather event in South Australia resulting in the entire network being forced out of service in the state has rightly drawn much public attention and concern.  There have been numerous political and other commentaries that renewable energy (RE) may have had some contribution to the reasons of failure of the power system. However experts in the AEMO state that the ... You can read more here.



The full RE report by SEN is now published

This is the final or full report of the modelling study into renewable energy for the SWIS grid of WA. A very thorough yet readable report. One finding was that going renewable costs no more than coal-gas. Read more or download from this page. This is a significant achievement by the SEN team and a great plan for our future.



Evolution in the Electricity Industry - Electrical Engineers Conference 2016 Perth

EECON 2016 at the Pan Pacific Perth, November 2016.
Early bird registrations close 3 October 2016. Please see fees and register here.

If you would like more information please see their website.




World Renewable Energy Conference coming to Murdoch Uni, Feb 2017!

Abstracts are due by July and early registrations by August

See the program brochure and their website for the latest details.



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