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SEN's response to the sale of Western Power

The Barnett government’s overly ambitious proposal to sell 51% of Western Power by a stock-market float for a reported $11bn, needs to be examined in the context of the future direction of the WA electricity network and the benefit that such a sale would offer consumers.

Given the uptake of rooftop solar on the network by consumers, the introduction of renewable energy as well as battery storage, smart grid technology and the attendant need for changes to tariff structures, significant changes and uncertainties can be expected for the electricity network as a whole.

All of the needed policy adaptations, regulatory updates and changes required to accommodate the coming disruptive technological advances will only benefit consumers if the settings for such are flexible.  Flexibility and uncertainty however are exactly what investors do not want in an electricity network.

Unless pre-arranged terms and conditions are implemented (which may well be adverse to the needed changes), the price for Western Power will not be attractive.

Sustainable Energy Now (SEN) is a WA non-profit organisation of engineers, scientists and IT specialists has developed sophisticated software modeling tools which have demonstrated the possible transition to 85% renewable energy for the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) by 2030 at parity costing with a business as usual fossil fueled case.

The costings include backup balancing power with fast response gas turbines such that energy security is always maintained even in lull periods of low wind or solar resources.

The sale of Western Power being promoted by the present government will therefore doubtfully offer any benefits to the state by any measure. Power is best left in state control in order that our energy future, sustainability and security are maintained.


The full RE report by SEN is now published

This is the final or full report of the modelling study into renewable energy for the SWIS grid of WA. A very thorough yet readable report. One finding was that going renewable costs no more than coal-gas. Read more or download from this page. This is a significant achievement by the SEN team and a great plan for our future.



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