Sustainable Energy Now, Inc - Sustainable Energy Advocacy, Education and Simulation

SEN aims to show how a mix of renewable energy technologies, including solar, wind, wave, geothermal and biomass, could meet all electrical demand on WA’s main electricity grid, called the South West Interconnected System.

Read the SEN submission to the Renewable Energy Target Review

Upcoming Presentation - SEN Presents

What is the future for rooftop solar PV in WA?

SEN Presents Monday 1st September - Central TAFE, East Perth Campus. More details here.

SEN Presents for 2014

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you about exciting changes we have planned for 2014.

NEW VENUE: Central TAFE has kindly offered their modern and comfortable Lecture Theatre to SEN. Our first 2014 ‘SEN Presents’ onwards will be now be held at:

   Lecture Theatre
   2nd level, Building B
   Central TAFE
   Royal Street, East Perth.

Claisebrook Railway Station is right next door, and there is also plenty of paid street parking available. A Yellow Cat bus station is also right out front.

NEW START TIME: Our new start time will be 5:30pm for 6:00pm start. This will allow us to be finished by 7:30pm to enable people to network or get a meal afterwards as we will be unable to serve hot food at our new venue.

SEN PRESENTS: Our ‘SEN Presents’ will now be held every six weeks. The following are the dates for our 2014 ‘SEN Presents’ so be sure to make a note of them all so you don't miss out.

  • Monday 9 June
  • Monday 21 July
  • Monday 1 September
  • Monday 13 October
  • Monday 24 November


MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL: In order to do all the exciting things we would like to do, we need extra funds. Entry for Members and Central TAFE students will continue to be free, but we will now ask non-financial Supporters for a donation to future ‘SEN Presents’. So, if you are a non-financial Supporter, become a Member by clicking: join Reminder: If your membership is up for renewal you can renew here. Your membership enables SEN to continue to promote, research, simulate and educate people about renewable energy.


About Sustainable Energy Now

Formed in 2007 Sustainable Energy Now Inc (SEN), a not-for-profit Western Australian volunteer association, was set up with the aim of promoting practical, affordable strategies for the adoption of renewable energy toward a sustainable global future. Since then we have grown to over 200 members and more than 1500 supporters from all walks of life, including energy professionals, engineers, students, teachers, doctors, retirees and politicians. These members have worked to put together parliamentary submissions, meet with politicians and industry, give presentations to schools and community groups, attend forums and debates, set up the display stand at events, establish a website and write articles for magazines and letters to newspapers and politicians.

Members have also been working to create an interactive computer simulation (available free from the website) to demonstrate the ability of renewable energy to contribute to WA's main electricity grid. This allows the user to plot new renewable energy plants on a WA map and visualise how they then contribute to the energy requirements of an average daily load. Algorithms are used to determine the effect of solar irradiance, wind and wave regimes and geothermal mapping and then the simulation displays calculations of potential investment in renewable energy and transmission infrastructure, unit price, jobs created, CO2 emissions reduced etc.