Our next SEN Presents:  Battery Storage

Battery Storage – where are we and where to from here?

Rooftop solar PV is in the process of disrupting traditional centralised electricity distribution systems and addition of battery storage systems threatens further such disruption. Our two speakers will give us the background on battery storage, for residential, commercial and industrial purposes, indicating where we are on the adoption curve and where we might be going. RSVP here.


Our previous SEN Presents: - Promoting Suburban Solar

Promoting Suburban Solar: Our SEN Presents had a line-up of interesting speakers focussing on suburban solar. Read more here.


Special: Beta Launch of SEN's SIREN Toolkit

Wow. A key finding was that a 85% renewable energy future by 2030 will cost no more than coal. Over seventy people listened intently. The team has certainly been busy and we shall see and hear a lot more about this project in the coming weeks. You can read more about the Beta Launchthe Toolkit and initial Simulation Findings.


SEN promotes practical, affordable strategies for a sustainable global future by the adoption of renewable energy.

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