Our next SEN Presents: Monday 8 February 2016, 5.30pm for 6.00pm start.

Our first SEN Presents for 2016 might seem a bit unusual but this interesting topic compliments SEN's new modelling programme SIREN (you will all soon be invited to the Beta Launch on 2 March). While SIREN provides costed technical options for promoting renewables, our Key Speaker, Greg Morrison, will be talking about social organization methods of transition to sustainable societies facing climate challenges, which necessarily incorporates transition to renewable energy.


In addition to our key speaker, SEN's Vice Chair Samuel Begg will give a preview of SENs plans and strategies for the year. An exciting time for renewable energy, the SEN Technical Team continues to grow it's reputation as an independent research organisation. Samuel will expound on the aims of our teams and the key discussion points, outlining their part in SEN's greater goals.


RSVP: http://www.sen.asn.au/sen_presents_8_february_2016


Special Event:  Beta Launch of SEN's SIREN Toolbox software - Wednesday 2 March in West Perth.  Details will be e-mailed to members.


SEN promotes practical, affordable strategies for a sustainable global future by the adoption of renewable energy.

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