SEN AGM and SEN Presents
Monday 13 October 2014
Lecture Theatre, 2nd level, Building B
Central TAFE, East Perth (near Claisebrook Railway Station)

AGM is 6:00 to 7:00pm - Nomination forms (pdf) for Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Member are available here. Nominations need to be sent to the Secretary, at at least 7 days before the AGM.

Aviation biofuel- where is this industry heading?

Is biomass for jet fuel the future of air travel?  Find out how the industry is going and what could stand in the way of success.

Kevin Goss (Kevin Goss Consulting) and John McGrath (representing Future Farm Industries CRC) will talk about the directions of aviation biofuel. They will look at the specifics of the wood production and conversion supply chain.

Costa Tsesmelis has been working on a WA Biomass-to-Liquids project. He will talk about this project and maximising Bio-Jet Aviation Kerosene from Mallee Woodchips. This project is a Fischer Tropsch process rather than the Pyrolysis route being developed by the Airbus consortium.

SEN Submission to the WA Electricity Market Review download pdf here.

Climate Mobilisation Sunday 21st September

1pm Russell Square, Northbridge

We don't ask for much unless it is really important…… and this is a really important action!

On Sunday, 21 September from 1.00pm – 2.00pm, West Australians will join millions of others around the world in calling on world leaders to commit to urgent action on climate change at the UN Climate Summit.

We know Tony Abbott will likely not be attending these historic meetings…… that's why we, the Australian people, must turn up the pressure and ensure our voice is heard by world leaders on 21 September.

The message is simple and clear:


To achieve this goal, we call for:  Climate action to be on the G20 agenda, a strong renewable energy target, time-line for 100% Renewable Energy, and no new coal or gas projects.

Please support us by standing with us behind SEN's large banner!

We hope to have some cardboard solar panels that we will also use for a special “action” to produce a YouTube video!  We are thrilled about having a professional TV Commercial producer/cameraman making a series of short clips for SEN on the day!   

The event is called The People's Climate Mobilisation and is co-hosted / supported by:, GetUp!, SEN, Avaaz, 1 Million Women, Conservation Council of WA and many more.

There will be electric cars, bikes and scooters for people to see as well as climate and energy based activities for kids in the children’s activity area. There will be information stalls to visit and local campaigns you can sign up to. There will even be local renewable energy projects you can invest in or donate to. 

Guest Speakers include Professor Fiona Stanley, Bishop Tom Wilmot, and our own SEN Chairman Cameron Power.  The infectious Jaime Yallup Farrant from 350 will be the MC and the Banda Beleza Samba Drummers will provide an “electric” atmosphere.

RSVP or just turn up on the day:

Sign up as a Volunteer: 

Donations:  This event costs money to put on, so the organisers at 350 are taking donations:

Bring the family, friends and make an afternoon of it in Northbridge.

The climate movement gets bigger every month, but this event is particularly important.


About Sustainable Energy Now

Formed in 2007 Sustainable Energy Now Inc (SEN), a not-for-profit Western Australian volunteer association, was set up with the aim of promoting practical, affordable strategies for the adoption of renewable energy toward a sustainable global future. Since then we have grown to over 200 members and more than 1500 supporters from all walks of life, including energy professionals, engineers, students, teachers, doctors, retirees and politicians. These members have worked to put together parliamentary submissions, meet with politicians and industry, give presentations to schools and community groups, attend forums and debates, set up the display stand at events, establish a website and write articles for magazines and letters to newspapers and politicians.

Members have also been working to create an interactive computer simulation (available free from the website) to demonstrate the ability of renewable energy to contribute to WA's main electricity grid. This allows the user to plot new renewable energy plants on a WA map and visualise how they then contribute to the energy requirements of an average daily load. Algorithms are used to determine the effect of solar irradiance, wind and wave regimes and geothermal mapping and then the simulation displays calculations of potential investment in renewable energy and transmission infrastructure, unit price, jobs created, CO2 emissions reduced etc.