Our next SEN Presents: Monday 30 November 2015 is a Renewable Energy QUIZ NIGHT!

It's our end of year fundraiser!  The Quiz Master will be announced shortly but it's sure to be a fun night of networking, pizza and beer (soft drinks available too), and renewable energy facts. Bring your friends along. Tickets are only $15 / $22. Purchase here.


Our last SEN Presents:

Are waves our future? Shawn Ryan from Bombora Wave Power described a very interesting and novel invention that converts wave power into electricity using flexible bags and wind turbines on the sea floor. It has global potential.

Also, Angus King gave us an exciting introduction to the powerful SIREN modelling tool which predicts output and 'fit' of renewable energy farms in our grid. Very useful.

We encourage you to Read More on these presentations here.


A new committee has been elected - enabling a bright and exciting future for SEN.



SEN promotes practical, affordable strategies for a sustainable global future by the adoption of renewable energy.

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