SEN promotes practical, affordable strategies for a sustainable global future by the adoption of renewable energy. SEN is a dynamic and independent WA association.


Special SEN Presents with Jay Weatherill

Jay Weatherill, ex premier of South Australia joined Sustainable Energy Now, BDO and Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) for a discussion around energy transition, the role of government, challenges WA faces and the deal with Tesla. 

SEN disappointed at New Bus Purchase announcement

Sustainable Energy Now is deeply disappointed with the decision of the Western Australian Government to enter into a contract to purchase 900 new diesel buses over ten years, when electric buses would be a better option for a government with aspirations to be progressive and innovative. See our statement here. [21 March 2019]

SEN welcomes Electricity Planning announcement

SEN welcomes the Labor Government's announcement of a long overdue electricity planning process in Western Australia. Our views on the Whole of System Plan and Distributed Energy Resources Roadmap are available through this media release, and this more detailed statement. [11 March 2019]

SEN's recent contributions to the WA Energy Debate

Many of SEN's policy team made major contributions to our 52pp submission to the WA Scientific Inquiry into Fracking. Thanks also to researchers who provided advice and material to the SEN Policy team in preparing the submission. 

SEN also presented insights on the energy transition to the Public Utilities Office (PUO). The PUO advise government on, amongst other things, matters relating to energy security, cost, policy options and futures. 


  • Our presentation to the PUO, PDF [1.6 MB]
  • SEN submission to Western Australian Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation in Western Australia PDF [2.0 MB]
  • Appendix Document: Western Australian Tight Gas Industry: A review of groundwater and environmental risks. PDF [4.7 MB]
  • WA Fracking Inquiry submissions library.


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